Friday, February 8, 2013

The property sector was invaded By Indonesia 2012 Foreign Developers

Chairman of the Board of the center of Real Estate Indonesia (REI DPP) Setyo Maharso revealed a potential influx of foreign developers are more and more in 2012. It can be seen from the property sector grew in Indonesia are getting a good deal. Any increase in Indonesia's ranking as an investment destination country as well as being one of the progenitor of attraction to foreign developers build homes industry in Indonesia.

Macro economic conditions are expected to continue experiencing growth rate towards the positive as well as the increasing purchasing power of society Indonesia certainly also becomes attraction for developers unfamiliar to participate in the development of the sector of property in the country.

Of course with this state of affairs will enhance the competitiveness of local developers in presenting design – home design which is not only interesting but also has a esteem in accordance with purchasing power Indonesia so that it can meet the needs of the Livable housing.


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