Saturday, February 16, 2013

4 step Right Planning home renovations That save money

Perhaps you and a lot of people have experienced its own fears when thinking about remodeling Your home especially if those needs are among the urgent for the House You for example to mempresiapkan the arrival of the rainy season. Actually, if you know the right steps-the steps then the residence improvement plan is not something to be feared.

Here we will try to share the Appropriate Step 4 which will help you save money without reducing the quality of Your residence:

1. Define the concept in a mature and detail

The first step you have to do is think of a design that is appropriate with regard to any part of your residence to be repaired. Are there any old material will re-use or everything is new, if any consideration of the use of old materials, have to do is take the demolition – heart. The existence of a clear concept and detailed design will also make it easier for builders to do his job more quickly.

2. Do the materials selection and quality building materials

The selection of materials and quality of building materials is required especially if there is a limitation fund with which we prepare. We can consider to use the goods – goods are being or quality used items. Of course the use of medium-quality goods or used goods can only be applied to sections of residence which is not too risky, such as floor tiles, wood wood, paint the walls –. As for the parts such as roof frame, the Foundation shelter, building structures, water pipes planted and paint the exterior.

3. Select the most suitable payment method

If the concept and the design has clear and mature, a payment system with the system volume will be more profitable. But if the concept and the design is not yet clear, it is better to pay a daily system.

4. Schedule the most appropriate time

Specify the exact time for renovation. We recommend that you avoid doing repairs on the rainy season because the builders who You rent will meet difficulties when doing work on the House .

By doing that, at least 4 steps will help you to save on the cost of bloated budgets while doing repairs to your residence. Good luck!

Friday, February 15, 2013

4 Surefire Steps to bargain home prices

Beginning in 2012, it is estimated by many parties that the growth sectors of the property in Indonesia is still quite significant. One of the highlights is the home of the former. If by chance you are planning to have it at a price that suits your abilities your funds, it doesn't hurt to glance at the former's residence in your city. We know the origin of the surefire tips to make a price quote, it does not cover the possibility you could get it that fits your budget as well as funds worth to you family.

Here are 4 steps you can apply the Sharpshooter when wanting to do a price quote on the former residence of interest:

1. to Examine in detail the overall physical condition of buildings that you will buy, check also how much renovation is required at the residence.

2. Try as much as possible to get information on how long the building was offered for sale. This information makes it easy to get an overview of response to other prospective buyers. If it's long enough to offer, perhaps this is an opportunity that you can take advantage of.

3. it's also important to know the price of some residential around that location. By knowing this information will make it easier for you to do your bidding price accordingly.

4. squeeze to inquire the reason of such residences for sale, whether because of the desperate need for funds or because it is in the form of property investment is long term from the owner. Thus you can determine a price quote first.

After the 4 steps you do, surely it will make it easier for you to determine the bid price of the House . Here lies the ability to negotiate You is absolutely necessary.

Happy searching and do a price quote for the sake of it you dream of!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Between Wooden Sills And Aluminum Frames For Your Home

As the development world property in Indonesia, we tend to prefer things that are easy and practical when building the House. Most real facts can be seen one of them on the selection of the material for the window sills. Initially only sills used to be made from wood, but nowadays there are also sills choice of materials from aluminum.

The availability of the wood materials rarely cause the price is also more expensive, making one of the considerations for the society are more likely to choose the material of aluminum as an alternative replacement, as well as aluminum has a much cheaper price. Of aluminium sills also guarantees more weatherproof and resistant to disturbance of termites.

Good wooden sills and frames from aluminum materials have advantages and drawbacks of each. If wooden, this time because of the availability of stock of materials more scarce then the price tends to be more expensive, it is also susceptible to weather changes. Wood in long periods of time will experience a shrink and expand, which will be difficult to open (crashes). As for the sills of the material aluminium, insist the accuracy and accuracy when using the mounting mounting because fischer can only be done once so that if an error occurs would be fatal.

Consideration on design style property also determines the choice of materials the sills will be used. For more wood sills can be applied to almost any concept of the building but for the choice of materials can only be applied to aluminum buildings, homes or minimalist classic style.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Decorative Glass As Aesthetic Touches On The Interior Of Your Home

There are many ways that you can do to beautify the interior of your residence starting from the design of the rooms, wall paint color selection even to the wearing of decorative glass elements (other glass) as the decorating of the room. However You may not necessarily be able to use it casually, mix and match colors of decorative glass should be able to display the harmony in a more thoroughly at home.

The following information about Your material types – types of decorative glass which you can choose according to your taste and design:

Sand Blasting Glass

The manufacturing process of stained glass is by pouring sand smooth the surface of the glass. Dust and dirt can easily stick to smooth because the glass layers of skin to be further eroded by deliberately inflicting certain patterns. The use of decorative glass of this type should be in place to live away from the onslaught of dust.

Moons Glass

Also known as Glass Fusion is the process of making glass with stacked – and then burned to stack into one. The process of making glass is actually a development of Melton Glasstechniques. The advantages of Glass Moons is a more colorful types – colorful and durable. Decorative glass also does not need to connect any metal parts such as glass on stained glass.

Melton Glass

The origin of the word Melton itself actually has a sense of mild glass, namely the word "melt" and "on" meaning a glass dilumerkan. The process of dilution requires a temperature of up to 900 ?C for 20 hours. The nature of glass Melton Glass is textured so that it is more suitable to use on a partition, bedroom or bathroom.

Stained Glass

First discovered in the 10th century a.d., is a fusion of painting and the art of color by wearing the order of Tin, copper or zinc that is attached to a spider's nest – a system for using laba with customize the design. In the 1990s known system triplon glass (glazed triple room unit) namely coats stained glass panel with two pieces of tempered glass that protected from air pollution and can also reduce the level of noise pollution from the outside.

Lamina Art Glass

Decorative glass coating technique that uses two sheet of glass using a special film. Between two sheets of glass are inserted thin material such as paper, photograph, painting ride from merang or cloth as decoration materials.

Arty Glass Overlay

Also known by the term Bevel Glass Overlay that is manufacturing technique decorative glass with glue using a glue glass transparent glass so that when installed will give rise to the impression of a rainbow of colors.

Hopefully with information about types of decorative glass types – can help you to determine what are the most decorative glass according to beautify the interior. Good luck and always thought free to create the comfort in Your home !

"Foreign property Ownership" it was just a usage rights, anyway?

Property law Scholar Erwin Kallo said that the question of property ownership by foreign nationals such as facing "turmoil". By law, it was no problem because it is actually only the usage rights by foreigners, rather than property rights.

"Who says foreigners can have? Can only wear. Our Mindset should be modified, i.e. the holder of the rights. The right to wear instead of having, "said Erwin on Foreign property ownership Debate organized by the banks and Property magazine & Indonesia Property Watch, Bidakara, Jakarta, Thursday (14/2/2013).

Highlighting the foreign ownership in the fields of property, about Erwin, a new problem is no longer true. It will look not seen in the field of foreign domination of the banking and telecommunications Indonesia.

"Because both are already many foreign-controlled. The President should be able to download the drive departemen-departemennya to change the public mindset, that is a matter of usage rights, not property rights. This is the task of the Government socialised privileges could be accountable, could be accepted by the bank, "he said.

Regarding accountability in eye banking usage rights, other speakers, Maria S.W. Sumardjono, Professor of the Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), says, since 1960, the basic agrarian law already mentioned that FOREIGNERS and foreign legal entities which have a representative in Indonesia may have land usage rights status. Thus, the words of Mary, already reasonably accepted usage rights bank.

"For me, if the bank does not want to accept a guarantee with land usage rights status, it is very strange. It should be, given the usage rights on State land can be dependents. In 1960 it was the usage rights granted above ground state is obliged to be registered so that it can become the guarantee of debt, "said Maria.

Agree with Mary, Erwin Kallo adds that the question of ownership of property by FOREIGNERS is not only in the field of regulation of land. According to him, the thing that should also look out for is banking.

"There is a LAW (building use rights), there is also the simple usage rights, kok. No property rights bounded time, if necessarily limited usage rights, "said Erwin.

Earlier, Erwin Kallo was already criticizing the first reserved by foreign property ownership regulation. According to him, the thing that needs to be given more attention is the control on the rules of the game.

"The problem is what, in my opinion does not exist. Legally no problem because only the usage rights, anyway? We have to think that it should be on the people making alignments should be no control here. Clearly, all know that the foreigner has the right to buy land, the usage rights are important not for property rights, "said Erwin.

"If usage rights for foreign nationals that the effect would be good for the development of the property industry," he added.

Erwin said, to a FOREIGN NATIONAL usage rights will be associated with the certificate of the building. Doing so will automatically engage the authorities of the national land Agency (BPN). Based on the Government Regulation (PP) No. 41 of 1996 on the rights of residence for foreigners in Indonesia, FOREIGNERS have the right to share with a period of 25 years, and then can be extended again.

"The bottom line, there is already a rule of law. As long as this rule is there, but it's not done, so wrong not a rule. The normative regulations provided, regulation to be implemented right. Once again, the order does not matter, but sosialisasinya, "said Erwin.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Energy-Saving Lifestyle Starts From Energy-Saving Lamps

The Slogan "Go Green", "energy saving", "eco-friendly" already we hear often, even outside hapal head. But did you know that energy-saving lifestyle turns out can begin from the simplest thing that choose to use energy-saving Lamps (LHE) to Your residence. Change the pattern of bad habits in the home is indeed hard – hard to easy, ranging from getting used unused lights, turn off the television and the water isn't being used.

Here are some of the reasons the use of LHE can be a first step to having energy-saving lifestyle in your family. LHE usage tends to be more efficient in converting electrical energy into light rather than throw it into heat energy, and has five times the lighting is brighter than incandescent or neon.

Make also a habit in your family to turn off lights during the day, make the most of lighting inside the residence through the openings. You can also menyiasatinya by replacing some roof tiles in your home with a fiberglass material and put the glass just beneath the fiberglass so it can help reflect sunlight into the room.

Adjust the types of lights that are used with lighting needs in any room. For example, you can use the energy-saving lamp with less power for the bedroom and then choose more power in the reading room. Please do not hesitate to immediately replace the lights with lights dimmed its flames start new as the electrical power consumed equal space for Your home .

Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Standby Prima Face The Rainy Season

The rainy season has already started, it is usually a problem was a leak in the House on some elements of the building. It would be nice if before the happening of such leaks, you have tried to do prevention especially for sections which are indeed at risk against the coming rain.

One of the most risky elements of the building is the roof, therefore it is important to do some checking. The roof is primarily as part of the whole content of protective shelter, in case of leaks will simply disrupt the comfort in Your residence. Please check the roof, drains and jurai. For buildings that have aged, the difference in annual temperature drastically the scorching sunlight during the day and cold at night effect on the durability of the roof.

Sometimes the wind blow can also undermine the resilience of the roof, the trees also often create a blockage of drains on the roof. There was a massive dust-year can also cause sedimentation on the drains. Has it ever crossed your mind, how big is the degree of the slope of the roof at Your residence? If by chance the roof materials are zinc, naturally with a slope of 5 degrees was not only going to cause problems, but if Your roof from roof tiles (with the raw material clay) at least need tilt up to 27.5 degrees so that the water can flow properly down. On the roof of the residence with roof tiles, if the level of incline there is less potential for leakage that occurs.

After doing some checking on the entire roof section, do also check carefully on the wall of the building. The density of the outer wall is mainly wall should also be heeded. The selection of wall paint especially for outer wall paint that is preferably using weather coat so it is more resistant to rain, mushrooms and not easy to peel.

The last section which also don't forget the drainage channel is checked. Checking against the exhaust pipe of water do not occur due to the blockage of resapan excessive water. Dispose of trash and foliage dry drainage channels clogged in front of Your House .

At least with attention to some of the above, when the rainy season comes, you are with beloved family can still comfortably in the shade in your residence without the need of worrying about the occurrence of leaks.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Malaysia citizens interested in the property and houses in Indonesia


Based on survey results obtained from Malaysia Property Sentiment Survey 2011 (held by Home teachers) obtained about 24 percent of the number of citizens who declared Malaysia interested in investing a property outside the country, including one of which is a country of Indonesia. Other countries that have also been the goal of the investment is Singapore, United Kingdom, India and Australia. This survey is a survey on the third quarter for the homesector.

At this time there is a survey of the facts quite interesting which is about the onset of attraction citizens of Malaysia to invest in Indonesia but in the second quarter survey, Indonesia still not including one of the main goals for the citizens of Malaysia. So delivered by Home teachers, Country Manager Steven Tan.

The purpose of this survey is done to obtain views on Malaysia's property sector, knowing the impact of any policy issued by the Government of Malaysia as well as in an effort to capture the opinions of consumers directly.

Based on data collected from the last survey also obtained the fact that purchasing power of Malaysia citizen to buy a home . It is obtained from the decrease in the number of citizens who consider that the number of housing in Malaysia is too expensive to be around 10 percent. And from the results of this survey also found that 60 percent of the respondents hope that the Malaysia Government will be able to maintain occupancy rates in order to remain affordable by the community.

Malaysia Property Sentiment Survey, which is conducted against a member HomeGuru on 11 October to 31 October, aimed at getting views on property market in Malaysia, consumer opinion, as well as knowing the impact of government policies. Surveys like this are done HomeGuru every quarter.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Succinct "Hide" Dressers

At first glance, this furniture is only visible as a closet. However, if you open it up, which appears is a petite vanity.

This one is suitable for furniture was applied in the bathroom or your bedroom. You just need to lift the handle "doors" which was hidden as a table. That way, the sharp corners of this glass vanity tersembunyikan perfectly in it.

In addition to the equipment make up the safe from the reach of children, this furniture provides protection over dirt and dust. Moreover, you don't need to buy an additional mirror, because all already exist in this closet.



Roster For The Beautification Of Your Home


At the beginning, the roster more enabled for window and door sections above on an end-h recall its main function as a wind hole which makes it easy to get out the influx of wind on a place to live. But as the development of design and style in the architecture of the present roster is also used for a wall-forming materials.

If applied as wall-forming material, the shape of the hollow precisely add to roster its own uniqueness. There are two main ingredients making the roster from the clay and brick making. The color red on clay will add an exotic, natural impression on a wall. Roster of the brick making materials superior in a cheaper price on the market.

For the application of the roster as the wall material, you need to look at the function room behind the wall, because the shape of the hole then it is not just the hot sun and rain water that is free of any dirt entry, higher risk in. .. In this installation, the roster also has a higher difficulty level than ordinary red brick, it also rarely performed finishing on the roster.

You need to pay attention to the composition of shape and aesthetics to be generated when it is done installing roster at home . Can also be used as a secondary skin on parts of the architecture of your residence.

The property sector provides funds of Rp 18.9 billion for 2012

To respond to the high demand on the needs of the home market is expected to reach 15 percent as well as an expansive effort then 14 property developers in Indonesia is ready to release the funds of Rp 18,96 trillion in 2012. From the overall growth of the sector of the middle-class apartment down and occupancy in the college sector is still the most sought after. Followed by the superblock and Office sectors.

It is the summary of the opinions of some people as tourism players in this sector i.e. Indra d. Antono as Medco's Marketing Director Andy k. Nathanael as Chief Marketing Officer of PT Modernland Realty Tbk, as the Corporate Secretary Rosihan Saad Gapuraprima and Setyo Maharso as Chairman of the Board of the center of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) and Ali Tranghanda as observers from Indonesia Property Watch properties (IPW).

Then Setyo Maharso added that the housing industry sector in Indonesia can grow up to 15 percent on figures for the year 2012 because it would be backed by the purchasing power of our society that is getting high to get the coveted House as well as the strong economy fundamental macro as in Indonesia.

Positive things from the kitchen Light

Brightening light kitchen brings positive things on the family who own it. Not just the kitchen bright fengsui related, make cooking activities becomes easier.

In addition, bright kitchen light can also be a place to gather for the whole family comfortably. For that, you need to make sure there is always a bright light in your kitchen by following ways:

Architectural upgrades

Old houses generally have a dark kitchen. Home construction was the cause of sunlight can not enter into kitchen in a number of quite a lot.

Therefore, improving the architectural features of the House may be one way out to improve the intake of sunshine into the dark kitchen. The trick, install skylights, atrium, or large window on top of your kitchen. However, let's not forget immediately consult Your architect.

In addition to the large Windows, you can also install solar tube. By installing it, sunlight can enter into your kitchen through the tube. The second solution is right for you with a kitchen on the ground floor or on the bottom of the attic.

Get rid of curtains

Another solution that is simpler is removing curtains that are able to absorb the sunlight. If you are unwilling to let go of the curtains, it's good you choose curtains material thin and lighter such as cotton and linen.

Use creative ways

Another way to make your kitchen brighter is by using a creative way. Use the construct double glazing kitchen cabinets.

Closet invisibility can make a light beam is not obstructed. Select unique lights also like modern-themed chandelier. In addition, provide a source of lighting as much as possible to make your kitchen seem bright.

Optimize your kitchen furniture

Finally, make the most of the furniture that you already have in the kitchen. Paint your kitchen cabinets back with a lighter color, add the main lights and lighting ambience. In addition, update the pillow on the seat at the dinner table, and light-colored tablecloths.


Friday, February 8, 2013

The property sector was invaded By Indonesia 2012 Foreign Developers

Chairman of the Board of the center of Real Estate Indonesia (REI DPP) Setyo Maharso revealed a potential influx of foreign developers are more and more in 2012. It can be seen from the property sector grew in Indonesia are getting a good deal. Any increase in Indonesia's ranking as an investment destination country as well as being one of the progenitor of attraction to foreign developers build homes industry in Indonesia.

Macro economic conditions are expected to continue experiencing growth rate towards the positive as well as the increasing purchasing power of society Indonesia certainly also becomes attraction for developers unfamiliar to participate in the development of the sector of property in the country.

Of course with this state of affairs will enhance the competitiveness of local developers in presenting design – home design which is not only interesting but also has a esteem in accordance with purchasing power Indonesia so that it can meet the needs of the Livable housing.


Repel "Horror" at the stairs Creak

General horror films often conjures up a scene of the victim walked past stairs creaking sound. Of course, you don't want to "spooky effect" occurs in your home, isn't it?

The stairs creak is indeed very troubling. Deritan risers are generally caused by lax on riser riser connection. Riser is the vertical Board that unifies the back stairs by the front steps on it.

Here's how to remove the stairs creak sound that is disturbing. Don't forget, if Your stairs are carpeted, remove the carpet first before performing these steps. In addition, if you are not able to access the bottom of the stairs, use the L-bracket to tighten the rung.

-First of all, look for the source of the creak. Stampede stairs one at a time. Once you've found the source of the sound, press the riser to riser atah is on the bottom.

-Enlist the help of others to suppress it. When the person is central press risers, make a hole to insert the couplers or spikes from the stairs.

-Use short nails that do not exceed the thickness of the stairs. If it is longer, it will harm its users.

-Lastly, attach the screws or nails with a hammer or a drill. install lots of screws from behind the stairs to strengthen.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Should Go When The Renovated Home

Home renovation is not necessarily large scale. However, homeowners are often reluctant to leave his home when the middle of the improvement process is done. In fact, continued to live at home when renovations take place potentially troublesome contractors and the owner of the House.

Here are some things you can consider before you decide to stay or leave the House during renovation took place:


One of the biggest considerations is the amount of the budget that You set up. If you choose to rent a place for renovating the House, there is a cost you should provide.

However, staying at home is also not managed better. It depends of how big your home improvement, because most likely you will have to live among the dust and debris.

Dust, dirt, and debris are certainly not friendly on your health and family, especially those that have a dust allergy. If the family cannot be tolerant with dirty circumstances, should you choose to move temporarily from your home. Prevent obviously better than cure, right?

Project type

In addition to the budget, consider also the type of project you are working on in your home. One example, if removing roof tiles and intend elevating a home, it's good you live outside the House for a while. In addition, activities such as this generally requires that you turn off the flow of electricity and water so you will be hard to break.

However, if only the job repainting the House or doing minor repairs, there is no harm in You still living at home while keeping your things from the hands of the nosy is not responsible.


An area that is undergoing renovation could be one consideration. If the renovation involves the bathrooms and the rest of the kitchen, you should leave the House a while. Because, there aren't many jobs you can do at home.

In addition, a temporary condition and sanitation facilities also House not prime. Then, it's good you avoid risks that endanger the health of your family.


Generally, children will be intrigued by the novelty that exists around it. Home improvement is going to be one of the "magnet" for them. In fact, the location of the home renovation would be full of goods, chemicals, carpentry and other sharps. To that end, don't let their curiosity is precisely the dangerous and potentially harm.

Rent the place

Rent a place for a while or take in relatives homes could be a way out. If reluctant to let the home without supervision, you can visit the House and see the progress of renovations on a daily basis. In addition, make sure You also keep pets away from the location of the renovation.


Cooking can be constrained as a result of the process of renovation. However, as long as you can make "emergency pantry" for a while, you can still live in the House. However, make sure that the condition of the sanitary House stay awake, especially so that dust does not get into Your food and cooking containers.

You need to get out

Several stages of completion such as finishing wood floor will certainly force you to leave the House, at least one day. Rather than having the floor that don't look good, you should follow the advice of contractors and are not at home despite only stau today.

Checkout process

If you have decided to leave the House during renovation, but you can't wait to go back home soon, wait until the right moment. Indeed, you don't have to wait until the home completely finished renovations. At the very least, wait until it reaches the finishing process or settlement.


Actually, there are other benefits if you are willing to leave the House. By not looking at the process and not living among the rubble, you'll be more at ease. You're not dizzy with a variety of jobs from day to day.

Unfortunately, almost all of the renovations process did not go as planned. If you are intent on staying in your home during a renovation, you should have already prepared for the worst possibilities. The possibilities include swelling costs, the result of the renovation is not in your favor, as well as dust and dirt builds up.

You should also clean the House more often. Try cleans dust-dust every day in order to lighten your load when machining process is complete.


Select Carpet Wool or Polipropena? Do Not Be Fooled!

You may often find the rugs made from wool. However, have you ever heard of polypropylene carpet?

You may not "know" these chemicals, though often unwittingly use it. Polypropylene or polypropylene or also called with polipropena Thermo-plastic polymer is used for packaging, textiles, stationery, and a variety of other purposes.

As reported by the, declining purchasing power of residents of the United Kingdom opens the alternative choices of base material makers of carpets.

"When the going gets tough and should mengencangkat the belt, if it's reasonable to find floor coverings temptations, which was cheaper the more strong," said David Cormack, Director of Marketing Cormat Carpets.

Cormack says, consumers should be aware that even though the budget is often the main benchmark, but the overall value and durability should also be a consideration.

"How the look of the rug and carpet performance depends on the fiber used. The material will affect results in strong, suppleness, appearance, taste, storage, practical or not, and the price, "said Cormack.

Home location is also important. According to him, you should contact your nearest carpet retailers and ask the time period your carpet will last. A good salesman will discuss options with you and explain the advantages of carpet-carpet.

Wool rugs

Wool is a natural fibre is very good quality. Carpets with wool base material will be "membal" and will not mean even though it has trodden under foot.

This type of carpet will also respond to professional carpet cleaning process. Sometimes, not 100 percent wool carpets are made of wool. Generally, rugs made from wool has a 10 percent polipropena.

For you who want to find a carpet in the home areas "pass-cross", you could use a carpet having a mixture of wool. However, for those of you who have small children, "plastic" carpet of polipropena would be more suitable.

Woolen carpet it will last a long time. The shape and height of the carpet will be awake. Although you Stampede, a soft surface will again expand.

In addition, the material is wool refractory natural and environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, polipropena carpet stain resistant, easy to clean, powerful, have bright colors, and relatively inexpensive.

So, what are your options?

The Negative Side To Wear Sliding Doors

Sliding doors or pocket door is a door that is "hidden" behind the wall when you open it. This type of door is more efficient in terms of optimisation of space.

Indeed, if you're looking for a solution unique door does not "eat" places, this door can be the answer for you. But, beware, the door also has a negative side.

Many people admire the doors of this type because it can be used in the context of traditional or modern home. A slight accent is able to make a simple pocket door into accord with the surrounding d├ęcor.

Currently, the sliding doors are the ideal solution for small-sized spaces, such as in a bathroom, walk-in-closet, as well as the connecting room-kitchen with a working space. Essentially, this type of door is able to provide more extensive space.

However, although the match is placed on the spaces are relatively narrow, such as in the bathroom, the door of this type will also provide open space between the door and the cradle. Door holder makes a small amount of air can of transitions. The door is not closing tightly as capable of delivering traditional doors.

In addition, the "Pocket doors" is also not able to provide acoustic privacy. For that reason, this type of door is suitable for those who want to disassociate themselves with your child while still watching him play.

You can also make small-sized door that only serves as a "fence" to keep small children and pets do not break into a particular room in the House.

By design, these doors will look attractive with tall and lean. Unfortunately, the door that is too high will be hard pushed and locked. Slim-shaped doors are also an issue for the members of your family who built too small nor too large.