Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Decorative Glass As Aesthetic Touches On The Interior Of Your Home

There are many ways that you can do to beautify the interior of your residence starting from the design of the rooms, wall paint color selection even to the wearing of decorative glass elements (other glass) as the decorating of the room. However You may not necessarily be able to use it casually, mix and match colors of decorative glass should be able to display the harmony in a more thoroughly at home.

The following information about Your material types – types of decorative glass which you can choose according to your taste and design:

Sand Blasting Glass

The manufacturing process of stained glass is by pouring sand smooth the surface of the glass. Dust and dirt can easily stick to smooth because the glass layers of skin to be further eroded by deliberately inflicting certain patterns. The use of decorative glass of this type should be in place to live away from the onslaught of dust.

Moons Glass

Also known as Glass Fusion is the process of making glass with stacked – and then burned to stack into one. The process of making glass is actually a development of Melton Glasstechniques. The advantages of Glass Moons is a more colorful types – colorful and durable. Decorative glass also does not need to connect any metal parts such as glass on stained glass.

Melton Glass

The origin of the word Melton itself actually has a sense of mild glass, namely the word "melt" and "on" meaning a glass dilumerkan. The process of dilution requires a temperature of up to 900 ?C for 20 hours. The nature of glass Melton Glass is textured so that it is more suitable to use on a partition, bedroom or bathroom.

Stained Glass

First discovered in the 10th century a.d., is a fusion of painting and the art of color by wearing the order of Tin, copper or zinc that is attached to a spider's nest – a system for using laba with customize the design. In the 1990s known system triplon glass (glazed triple room unit) namely coats stained glass panel with two pieces of tempered glass that protected from air pollution and can also reduce the level of noise pollution from the outside.

Lamina Art Glass

Decorative glass coating technique that uses two sheet of glass using a special film. Between two sheets of glass are inserted thin material such as paper, photograph, painting ride from merang or cloth as decoration materials.

Arty Glass Overlay

Also known by the term Bevel Glass Overlay that is manufacturing technique decorative glass with glue using a glue glass transparent glass so that when installed will give rise to the impression of a rainbow of colors.

Hopefully with information about types of decorative glass types – can help you to determine what are the most decorative glass according to beautify the interior. Good luck and always thought free to create the comfort in Your home !

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