Friday, February 8, 2013

Repel "Horror" at the stairs Creak

General horror films often conjures up a scene of the victim walked past stairs creaking sound. Of course, you don't want to "spooky effect" occurs in your home, isn't it?

The stairs creak is indeed very troubling. Deritan risers are generally caused by lax on riser riser connection. Riser is the vertical Board that unifies the back stairs by the front steps on it.

Here's how to remove the stairs creak sound that is disturbing. Don't forget, if Your stairs are carpeted, remove the carpet first before performing these steps. In addition, if you are not able to access the bottom of the stairs, use the L-bracket to tighten the rung.

-First of all, look for the source of the creak. Stampede stairs one at a time. Once you've found the source of the sound, press the riser to riser atah is on the bottom.

-Enlist the help of others to suppress it. When the person is central press risers, make a hole to insert the couplers or spikes from the stairs.

-Use short nails that do not exceed the thickness of the stairs. If it is longer, it will harm its users.

-Lastly, attach the screws or nails with a hammer or a drill. install lots of screws from behind the stairs to strengthen.

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