Thursday, February 7, 2013

Should Go When The Renovated Home

Home renovation is not necessarily large scale. However, homeowners are often reluctant to leave his home when the middle of the improvement process is done. In fact, continued to live at home when renovations take place potentially troublesome contractors and the owner of the House.

Here are some things you can consider before you decide to stay or leave the House during renovation took place:


One of the biggest considerations is the amount of the budget that You set up. If you choose to rent a place for renovating the House, there is a cost you should provide.

However, staying at home is also not managed better. It depends of how big your home improvement, because most likely you will have to live among the dust and debris.

Dust, dirt, and debris are certainly not friendly on your health and family, especially those that have a dust allergy. If the family cannot be tolerant with dirty circumstances, should you choose to move temporarily from your home. Prevent obviously better than cure, right?

Project type

In addition to the budget, consider also the type of project you are working on in your home. One example, if removing roof tiles and intend elevating a home, it's good you live outside the House for a while. In addition, activities such as this generally requires that you turn off the flow of electricity and water so you will be hard to break.

However, if only the job repainting the House or doing minor repairs, there is no harm in You still living at home while keeping your things from the hands of the nosy is not responsible.


An area that is undergoing renovation could be one consideration. If the renovation involves the bathrooms and the rest of the kitchen, you should leave the House a while. Because, there aren't many jobs you can do at home.

In addition, a temporary condition and sanitation facilities also House not prime. Then, it's good you avoid risks that endanger the health of your family.


Generally, children will be intrigued by the novelty that exists around it. Home improvement is going to be one of the "magnet" for them. In fact, the location of the home renovation would be full of goods, chemicals, carpentry and other sharps. To that end, don't let their curiosity is precisely the dangerous and potentially harm.

Rent the place

Rent a place for a while or take in relatives homes could be a way out. If reluctant to let the home without supervision, you can visit the House and see the progress of renovations on a daily basis. In addition, make sure You also keep pets away from the location of the renovation.


Cooking can be constrained as a result of the process of renovation. However, as long as you can make "emergency pantry" for a while, you can still live in the House. However, make sure that the condition of the sanitary House stay awake, especially so that dust does not get into Your food and cooking containers.

You need to get out

Several stages of completion such as finishing wood floor will certainly force you to leave the House, at least one day. Rather than having the floor that don't look good, you should follow the advice of contractors and are not at home despite only stau today.

Checkout process

If you have decided to leave the House during renovation, but you can't wait to go back home soon, wait until the right moment. Indeed, you don't have to wait until the home completely finished renovations. At the very least, wait until it reaches the finishing process or settlement.


Actually, there are other benefits if you are willing to leave the House. By not looking at the process and not living among the rubble, you'll be more at ease. You're not dizzy with a variety of jobs from day to day.

Unfortunately, almost all of the renovations process did not go as planned. If you are intent on staying in your home during a renovation, you should have already prepared for the worst possibilities. The possibilities include swelling costs, the result of the renovation is not in your favor, as well as dust and dirt builds up.

You should also clean the House more often. Try cleans dust-dust every day in order to lighten your load when machining process is complete.


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