Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Energy-Saving Lifestyle Starts From Energy-Saving Lamps

The Slogan "Go Green", "energy saving", "eco-friendly" already we hear often, even outside hapal head. But did you know that energy-saving lifestyle turns out can begin from the simplest thing that choose to use energy-saving Lamps (LHE) to Your residence. Change the pattern of bad habits in the home is indeed hard – hard to easy, ranging from getting used unused lights, turn off the television and the water isn't being used.

Here are some of the reasons the use of LHE can be a first step to having energy-saving lifestyle in your family. LHE usage tends to be more efficient in converting electrical energy into light rather than throw it into heat energy, and has five times the lighting is brighter than incandescent or neon.

Make also a habit in your family to turn off lights during the day, make the most of lighting inside the residence through the openings. You can also menyiasatinya by replacing some roof tiles in your home with a fiberglass material and put the glass just beneath the fiberglass so it can help reflect sunlight into the room.

Adjust the types of lights that are used with lighting needs in any room. For example, you can use the energy-saving lamp with less power for the bedroom and then choose more power in the reading room. Please do not hesitate to immediately replace the lights with lights dimmed its flames start new as the electrical power consumed equal space for Your home .

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