Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Negative Side To Wear Sliding Doors

Sliding doors or pocket door is a door that is "hidden" behind the wall when you open it. This type of door is more efficient in terms of optimisation of space.

Indeed, if you're looking for a solution unique door does not "eat" places, this door can be the answer for you. But, beware, the door also has a negative side.

Many people admire the doors of this type because it can be used in the context of traditional or modern home. A slight accent is able to make a simple pocket door into accord with the surrounding d├ęcor.

Currently, the sliding doors are the ideal solution for small-sized spaces, such as in a bathroom, walk-in-closet, as well as the connecting room-kitchen with a working space. Essentially, this type of door is able to provide more extensive space.

However, although the match is placed on the spaces are relatively narrow, such as in the bathroom, the door of this type will also provide open space between the door and the cradle. Door holder makes a small amount of air can of transitions. The door is not closing tightly as capable of delivering traditional doors.

In addition, the "Pocket doors" is also not able to provide acoustic privacy. For that reason, this type of door is suitable for those who want to disassociate themselves with your child while still watching him play.

You can also make small-sized door that only serves as a "fence" to keep small children and pets do not break into a particular room in the House.

By design, these doors will look attractive with tall and lean. Unfortunately, the door that is too high will be hard pushed and locked. Slim-shaped doors are also an issue for the members of your family who built too small nor too large.


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  1. Sliding doors’ main characteristic is its space-saving ability. And they are more attractive than the hinged type doors. However, this type of door can only be used indoors because they provide less protection. They can also be easily damaged if not maintained and cleaned properly because they can be stuck, making it hard to open.
    Katie Nicoll