Monday, February 11, 2013

Home Standby Prima Face The Rainy Season

The rainy season has already started, it is usually a problem was a leak in the House on some elements of the building. It would be nice if before the happening of such leaks, you have tried to do prevention especially for sections which are indeed at risk against the coming rain.

One of the most risky elements of the building is the roof, therefore it is important to do some checking. The roof is primarily as part of the whole content of protective shelter, in case of leaks will simply disrupt the comfort in Your residence. Please check the roof, drains and jurai. For buildings that have aged, the difference in annual temperature drastically the scorching sunlight during the day and cold at night effect on the durability of the roof.

Sometimes the wind blow can also undermine the resilience of the roof, the trees also often create a blockage of drains on the roof. There was a massive dust-year can also cause sedimentation on the drains. Has it ever crossed your mind, how big is the degree of the slope of the roof at Your residence? If by chance the roof materials are zinc, naturally with a slope of 5 degrees was not only going to cause problems, but if Your roof from roof tiles (with the raw material clay) at least need tilt up to 27.5 degrees so that the water can flow properly down. On the roof of the residence with roof tiles, if the level of incline there is less potential for leakage that occurs.

After doing some checking on the entire roof section, do also check carefully on the wall of the building. The density of the outer wall is mainly wall should also be heeded. The selection of wall paint especially for outer wall paint that is preferably using weather coat so it is more resistant to rain, mushrooms and not easy to peel.

The last section which also don't forget the drainage channel is checked. Checking against the exhaust pipe of water do not occur due to the blockage of resapan excessive water. Dispose of trash and foliage dry drainage channels clogged in front of Your House .

At least with attention to some of the above, when the rainy season comes, you are with beloved family can still comfortably in the shade in your residence without the need of worrying about the occurrence of leaks.

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