Saturday, February 9, 2013

Positive things from the kitchen Light

Brightening light kitchen brings positive things on the family who own it. Not just the kitchen bright fengsui related, make cooking activities becomes easier.

In addition, bright kitchen light can also be a place to gather for the whole family comfortably. For that, you need to make sure there is always a bright light in your kitchen by following ways:

Architectural upgrades

Old houses generally have a dark kitchen. Home construction was the cause of sunlight can not enter into kitchen in a number of quite a lot.

Therefore, improving the architectural features of the House may be one way out to improve the intake of sunshine into the dark kitchen. The trick, install skylights, atrium, or large window on top of your kitchen. However, let's not forget immediately consult Your architect.

In addition to the large Windows, you can also install solar tube. By installing it, sunlight can enter into your kitchen through the tube. The second solution is right for you with a kitchen on the ground floor or on the bottom of the attic.

Get rid of curtains

Another solution that is simpler is removing curtains that are able to absorb the sunlight. If you are unwilling to let go of the curtains, it's good you choose curtains material thin and lighter such as cotton and linen.

Use creative ways

Another way to make your kitchen brighter is by using a creative way. Use the construct double glazing kitchen cabinets.

Closet invisibility can make a light beam is not obstructed. Select unique lights also like modern-themed chandelier. In addition, provide a source of lighting as much as possible to make your kitchen seem bright.

Optimize your kitchen furniture

Finally, make the most of the furniture that you already have in the kitchen. Paint your kitchen cabinets back with a lighter color, add the main lights and lighting ambience. In addition, update the pillow on the seat at the dinner table, and light-colored tablecloths.


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