Saturday, February 9, 2013

The property sector provides funds of Rp 18.9 billion for 2012

To respond to the high demand on the needs of the home market is expected to reach 15 percent as well as an expansive effort then 14 property developers in Indonesia is ready to release the funds of Rp 18,96 trillion in 2012. From the overall growth of the sector of the middle-class apartment down and occupancy in the college sector is still the most sought after. Followed by the superblock and Office sectors.

It is the summary of the opinions of some people as tourism players in this sector i.e. Indra d. Antono as Medco's Marketing Director Andy k. Nathanael as Chief Marketing Officer of PT Modernland Realty Tbk, as the Corporate Secretary Rosihan Saad Gapuraprima and Setyo Maharso as Chairman of the Board of the center of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) and Ali Tranghanda as observers from Indonesia Property Watch properties (IPW).

Then Setyo Maharso added that the housing industry sector in Indonesia can grow up to 15 percent on figures for the year 2012 because it would be backed by the purchasing power of our society that is getting high to get the coveted House as well as the strong economy fundamental macro as in Indonesia.

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